Your personal customised song


Börni would love to write your personal customised song, for you or your favorite person – For your event, your company, your wedding, your Birthday or your own special occasion.


How does that work?


Tell us, what kind of song or what direction you have in mind. Let us know, the story of your together history, your relationship, your friendship, your love. Or if its something totally else, tell us, if its a party song for your company, your birthday, your individual celebration or your special occasion . It’s amazing how music or a certain song can through you back to the where you heard it back then, where you shared a moment with someone or somewhere.


How will it sound?


Check out Börni’s EP for what a high quality product you will get. She is working with a professional very well experienced team that is successful in the US and European music business since a long time. If its an acoustic version or a full production, you will get a well written, high quality mixed song. Yes – we will tell you beforehand in our professional opinion if we think we can accomplish your request or not. And yes, we can send you references of people who’d took advantage of this special offer. We want to be proud of the shared creation too!


Song directions?


Coming originally from classical music, then singing in rock bands, touching more and more Pop and R&B we should be able to serve you with your favour direction. Singing swing, jazz and tons of waltzers every weekend for a very long time and working together with a lot of different musicians in those genres will seize you with a perfect fitting song for your occasion.


Your occasion


Wedding song


“It’s the day, when the earth stood still” – If you really love a person, if you really want to share your life with a person and this person actually loves you back more than you could imagine and you still are wondering why, if you want to become old with that special one and share your memories together, so you both can reminisce together about the shared moments and time, why not surprise that person with something really special – with a song – for your wedding – at your wedding – for your love – for your extraordinary moment? A performance from or with a special act at your ceremony or at your party? A song for your moment, when the earth seems to stand still and you want to stay in this moment for life? That one song will always remind you on that moment ever after! That one song will always be that special gift for your loved person and a bound between you!

Share your story with us and your wish of a direction of how the song should sound like. It would be an honour to help you to create this special present.


Anniversary / Company celebration


It could be, that your celebration or your anniversary would be a great reason to surprise your team, your clients, your friends and partners with a special written and produced song only for this event, for this celebration or even for your website. Create a big impact on your audience, your guests, your clients, with a cool, fun, super smash song or a beautiful melody that is accentuating your big moment.


Birthday present


Its not the age that’s exciting about Birthdays, but the people that you can celebrate with and seeing what you mean to them and how important you are. Surprise your loved one, your friend, your family member with something that they will never ever forget. Tell us about your story or about that person and your event. Amaze him or her with a super smash party song, a rock song or a beautiful quiet song, that will tell a the story that you want it to tell.


Goodbye song


Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things in life. We all experience it. A lot of musicians write a song cause it is healing to their souls. If a song is something that would help you, please feel free to share your story confidentially with us. Writing a personalised song for you and your close person would touch not only the artist but also would hopefully bring some beauty to the situation. We want to make sure this doesn’t sound like a prefabed product. This is something personal and what are we here for, if not to share are gifts and talents with each other and for each other. Let us serve one another with things that show our love for each other.


Choose your product


*    Acoustic written song

*    Full production

*    Live performance of the song at your event


Contact us – the Boernimusic-Team


Tell us about you and your envision, your event and your story. We would love to send you an offer!


Make somebody very happy with an extraordinary special gift! Surprise someone with that personalised song for this person, for this event – for your special moment!


We would love to write & produce for you!!!


Boernimusic Production Team

Have you ever imagined, that someone would write you a song?





For her new EP – Börni wrote a song for her friend and her – now – husband. Their longtime friendship and the story how the finally saw each other in a different light, in different colors would inspired the artist to write the song colors in her own version of how she would imagine this to be. Sining and performing this song at their wedding was on highlight. On top of it, even more beautiful was the extremely well response to the song from everyone else. So well, that you will find the song on her new EP! Go and have a listen!


Börni is a fantastic long experienced songwriter who wrote for a lot of artists and people. She’s working with a professional very well experienced team that would love to write you your song!

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Contact us – Börni would love to sing your event, your showcase, your private party!



The Börni Production Team will produce you your personalised individual special song!

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