Early Years


Börni was born in Zürich, Switzerland, and began performing on stage when she was only 6 years old in the Zürich Opera house. Her three brothers were all members of the Zürcher Sängerknaben choir. They were her first inspiration to sing. She was also attracted to the violin at 3 years old, being surrounded by older brothers who already took lessons on the instrument. Growing up, she then replaced the violin with playing the piano and later, when she attempted to start her first band, she picked up the guitar. Singing in a gospel choir, writing songs and performing them in her first garage rock band, she learned how to perform and entertain an audience. One of her biggest real-world music learning experiences came when she was picked to sing background with Celine Dion in a huge stadium in front of 44,000 people.


TV Show & Sony Music


Fast forward to 2007, where we find Börni attempting the Swiss national TV success show, “Musicstar” and inking a Sony Music record deal as a result of her performance. Releasing 2 albums in Switzerland, she got a lot of attention from the national audience and gained a lot of press in her country. She wrote and created 2 albums with the most successful producers in Switzerland, based at Hitmill Studios in Zürich. Even Linda Perry (lead singer of 4 Non Blondes and producer for Pink, Christina Aguilera and more) would provide two songs for Börni’s albums.


Going to the US / QUAD Studios NYC


Sometime later, at Max Bar in Time Square, on her first visit to New York, Börni met a local bar tender. She shared her signing as a recording artist in Switzerland. He told her that he knew some producers. At this point, she quickly told him that she had heard people say this a few times that week already. He insisted that he was serious and that he would take her to the studio upstairs the next day. Reluctantly, she appeared the next day in front of the bar. Thank God she did, because when they got to the studio building, and the doors of the elevator opened on the 10th floor, they entered one of the biggest studios in New York City; QUAD Studio NYC/ Halo Records. The studio manager at the time, Jason Penniell showed her around, quickly discovering that she was signed to Sony Music. He and Börni would become a great team from then on, working together to find her US image and sound. This was also the first time she would work with the production team “The Page Brothers”. With the release of an EP in Switzerland with this new sound, she would slowly find herself getting more inspired by the US culture and music. Börni fell in love with the American lifestyle and people. This time in her life led to a team decision; the creation of an American brand that would serve this style and music better. Enter her alter-ego, Vava Voom.


Vava Voom and Sean Kingston


With her single “Supersonic”, she then teamed up with famous US recording artist, Sean Kingston, and made some noise in the US while the Swiss press also showed their excitement about this great collaboration. Using the momentum from her video for the single that was shot in LA and Vegas, together with her new music, she appeared on blogs like Billboard, OK Magazine, Access Hollywood, Kings of A&R and much more, and also receiving US radio airplay.


Becoming a producer


Having the great honor of working with production powerhouse duo, The Page Brothers, this relationship grew into a learning vehicle for Borni’s emerging production side. They began teaching her about the skills necessary to produce a song. She would quickly learn how to craft complete songs and finally be able to realize all the ideas in her heart and mind. “Fight For Love” and “Colors” are two examples of the results of her lessons with this great production team. The brothers took her music from one level to the next and pushed the whole project to a place she could only imagine. During this phase, she would also collaborate with the biggest food store company in Switzerland and reach double platinum award status with the all-star project.

The Page Brothers & Synematik Music World


Soon these production sessions with the twin brothers would turn into a serious production collaboration, resulting in songs like “We Came To Party” and “Vertigo”. Lucius from The Page Brothers then introduced Borni to the successful producer Synematik, who would sign her to his label and become the Executive Producer of the project. He added productions like “See You At The Top” and “Do It Anyway” to the list of hit songs. Having a talented producer like Synematik on board to supervise the team brought artist development and valuable project/production experience to the table. This is partly due to Synematik’s background in the music and development side of the business, having been involved in the signing of successful Interscope artist Polly A, as well as Epic Records signee, Kat Dahlia. He is also signed to the worldwide successful producer team, Stargate, through Sony ATV Publishing.

While Börni was recently in New York, the fresh new team had session after session with writers like Sam Gilbert, Alicia Angel, Shatic and J.Catalyst. Her long-time working partner and friend, Jason Penniell would also write with her and would play a great role in the team.


Journey back to Börni


Now being involved in the entire music process more than ever before, it became obvious that the vibe was changing and the whole team was heading in a new direction. A new chapter had begun. At this time, Synematik asked Borni if she felt she still embodied the Vava Voom personae and if this brand still represented who she was as an artist.

Truth is, the Swiss artist was slowly noticing things were definitely evolving. She found herself growing into that fresh, young fun chick with the cool clothes, while still having her roots in her home country of Switzerland. At the same time, she embraced the American lifestyle and culture, together with Hip Hop and Pop music. She still remained feminine and sexy but found a good way to combine all her influences into one expression. With her music and image developing more and more while coming to peace with her true self, it was time to write a song that expressed this sentiment. In the new smash hit single and girl anthem, “Bound To Win”, Borni felt it was the perfect time to announce “I’m back to the bad bitch that I know I am, ‘cos being myself, I’m bound to win”. This was also the moment she knew the obvious step was to go back being Börni. America was ready, Switzerland was still loving the original Borni identity, and with this new amazing music, the time was right to make a come back like never before!

She is now more confident than ever before, feeling empowered and blessed by the beautiful grace of God. She knows that he is the one who carried her through all the different seasons, and fully prepared her for the great things that lie ahead. Börni and the whole team know that they are on to something bigger than just music. Encouraged by the great responses and industry feedback, they are expecting big things to happen with the soon-to-be-released EP from Börni!


Credits and Thanks


These people really became my close friends throughout the years! I love and feel honored to be a part of this team. Y’all mean the world to me!

Jason Penniell, who always pushed me forward and believed in me from day 1.

The Page Brothers, who opened the door to the music production and so much more.

Synematik, who saw my talent and took me to the next level and believed in me right away.

Sam Gilbert & Miles, Alicia & Nick, J.Catalyst, Shatic, Joni Müller, Sam Schwalm, Dominique Destraz, Jasmin Sidler, Ani & Rebi Piccand, Sarah Sunnerklar, Steffi & Joni Schneider, Melek Kaya, Thomas Buchwalder, Alfred Widmer, ZOD, FR, my friends, my Mom, Dad & Family, and last but in fact first, God. There is no doubt that my faith carried me through the good and the bad. I always felt blessed and loved, even in the valley. Now we are back to the good and in fact, to the great. I cant wait to share it with my friends, family, followers, and fans who supported and stayed true to me during the whole journey.

Thank you so so much! I’ll see you all at the top!


Truly yours, Börni