Blick Crew #1


Börni sings for the bikers! CREW #1

Thank you Blick for putting me on the Front and Backpage! Heaving the biggest selling newspaper in Switzerland supporting me as huge honor! Guys – Check out Blick & today! Shout out to Blick Thanks for your support and love and support! ! ❤ ! Highly appreciated!! And everyone, download the song for free here on my website!

Much love goes to  The Grizzly Race Team for making Crew #1 the official promotion song. Thanks to Ruthless Tactics and Chris Rid for stunt biking in the video. Thanks to Billy Sardone & JJ-TV for filming and Directorboy Bojan Vano for the edit. Thanks Synematik and PageBrothers for mixing and adding production. Thanks American Bikes Bütschwil for the Victory Octane. Thanks to Jasimator for all the support! You’ve been a true blessing. Thank you  @ehlieluna   @melek_kaya  @danybaia @moxxie @sunneklarhairstyling  @jinthematrix  and thanks to all the dancers from @pazuerich

We wish are wishing all the riders Isa Müller Switzerland, Faith America, Anita Fastl Austria and Tatiana Russia all the best around the world!!! WOMAN WORLD RECORD 2018 is on! The Pinkride!!



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