The Page Brothers

The Page Brothers

Who’s the artist? Why not- who’s the producer?

There is the artist part of Börni, but there is definitely also the producer part of Börni. And being a producer,  she wants to credit the people that create the whole music behind the artist. What is a singer without a track? Well yes you can take a guitar and just sing and thats important and amazing too but in the world of pop, you should take the time and pay attention to the production of a song that you hear for example on the radio or on a blog. All the layers of it. When you produce you will value the time and love that somebody puts into the music. This is a whole other level of the art that you hear in the end result!

About The Page Brothers

The Page Brothers are NYC-based twins who have long history in Production and Songwriting for a long list of artist and clients. They produced and wrote for for the likes of Boyz II Men, Boyce Avenue, Kat Dahlia, The Wonder Girls, and Jade de le Fluer with James FauntleroyVava Voom, Michie and many more. They are specialized in pop music but aint limited to producing different genres of music. That said we want to  know more about the the Producer-Twins

In 2015 they topped the Billboard chart at #2 for the best K-Pop album with G-Soul on “Coming Home”. Then Bryant and Lucius Page were ready to share their own voices: Uniquely skilled in the art of creating sound experiences, The Page Brothers combine 70’s and 80’s pop with today’s vibrant architectures. The duo broke ground with homemade synth-based sounds diffused over melodious top-lines, making it easy for their listeners to become instant fans of their art.

In the first single off their EP Dichotomy, The Page Brothers capture the timeless effervescence of unrequited love in “Won’t Fall in Love”. A dramatic pop ballad sung over a catchy beat just made it hard for the audience  not to sing along and get all up in their feelings. While working in the background on their next own production, the twins are fully engaged to work on productions of well known artists at the same time in 2017.


What type of music do you usually work on?
We normally work on pop music. We don’t discriminate against other genres. We just seem to gravitate to this style of music.
What’s your strongest skill?
Our strongest skill is music composition. Since we are musicians naturally for us the instrumentation comes first.
What do you bring to a song?
We make sure that the song is strong. That there aren’t lose ends in the song. Every word,note and sound counts. Nothing in the song should have weak or meaningless parts. We make sure the song is strong.
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
People like Max Martin, The Underdogs and Stargate really inspire us. Of course there are many other great producers out there but these three in particular really inspire us. We love their sound and work ethic.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
We are normally hired for music production,tracking vocals and mixing.

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Börni about the producers

What I can do with my production today, I owe one hundred percent to Lou and Bryant Page. Lou toughed me everything about Pro Tools, Plugins, Synths, EQ-ing, compressing and so on. Him and I would produce through the internet and on the cloud until I would be able to produce a whole song by myself. He would always take it to the next level though. Our production lessons would turn into a great co-production team that is going stronger than ever before. I absolutely admire Lou’s and Bryants ears and their skills of how to put a song together. If you ever get the chance to work with them, you will be happy with the result! I love their taste for melodies and passion for music. And I am honored that they would work with me from the very beginning on. Whats the result? All I can say is, we are “BOUND TO WIN“.



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