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Who’s the artist? What about … who’s the producer?

There is the artist side of the Börni movement, but there is definitely also the producer side too. And being a producer, she wants to credit the people who create the music behind the artist. What is a singer without the instrumentation? Well yes, you can take a guitar and just sing. And that’s important; amazing even. However, in the music world, we need to take the time to pay attention to the production elements of a song, whether you hear it on the radio, or streaming online; all the layers of it. When you are a producer yourself, you will value the time, love and attention that someone puts into the music. This is a completely different level of musical art that is embedded in the end result. All this is a good way to describe Synematik, the Executive Producer of the team.


About Synematik

Niyi Adelekan aka Synematik is a Nigerian Sony ATV music producer known for the creative innovation that his sound brings to every project.

Born to Nigerian and Kenyan parents, Synematik developed an affinity for music at an early age, growing up surrounded by great music, classical and contemporary. He credits the genesis of his diverse taste in music to his parents‘ vinyl and cassette collection they began acquiring during their college days in 1970s England. Everyone from Mozart to Motown to Abba to The Beatles were a daily part of his growing experience. Being part of a musical household, classical piano lessons were the norm, opening the door to his musical journey as a composer and producer.
After graduating from Berklee College of Music, he moved to New York. While experiencing discouraging setbacks at the start of his career, a serendipitous meeting with the legendary Stevie Wonder was just what he needed to keep him going. Stevie took the time to listen to his music and told him not to give up, sharing with him some timeless words of musical and life wisdom. Doors eventually began to open slowly but surely, leading to work and learning experiences under award-winning producers and camps such as Roc Nation, Stargate, Bad Boy, Seven Aurelius, Havoc of Mobb Deep, Dennis Ferrer, and many others.

He has produced songs on various independent and major labels for

Boyz II Men (BMG), Polly A (Adam Levine’s 222 Records), Kat Dahlia (Epic), Boyce Avenue(Universal), Macy Maloy (Warner Music Group), Kim Viera (Republic Records), and many others. He has also collaborated with some of the finest songwriters in music, people behind many chart-topping hits of the last 15 years. Some of those writers are Jacob Luttrell (Enrique Iglesias, Sia), Eritza Laues (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston), Kendra Foster (D’Angelo), Corey “Chorus” Gibson (Rihanna), and the list goes on.
He’s also gathered an impressive list of visual credits, placing music on Jay Leno, Rock Center, WWE Smackdown, HBO NFL Series, PGA Golf, FIFA World Cup and more. He runs his music production company, Synematik Music World LLC, out of Music Works NYC, a high-end private Manhattan recording facility.

In Börni’s words – About the Producer

I was a fan of Synematik’s music before I even knew who the man behind the music was. Listening to Polly A or Boyz II Men, I had no idea that I would eventually be able to create music with a producer whose music I absolutely loved. Introduced through Lucius from The Page Brothers, we would quickly assemble a team of rising stars that would create something big for the world to hear. Having such talented people like Synematik and The Page Brothers in the room is a formula that guarantees great music and amazing melodies. I admire Synematik’s feel for the right sound and his passion for music. He is someone who believes that you can find a hook in the instrumental itself, even before the lyrics and melodies are added. You definitely want a person like him in your corner. He is a great  Executive Producer who will advise you when you need it, not just in music, but in every aspect of the creative vision. We certainly created momentum and this is what you hear when you listen to records like “See You At The Top”.

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