Jason Panniell

Vocal production and songwriting is an essential part of being an artist and producer. In addition, as a not US native artist you will struggle with your language accent. Jason Panniell is an amazing song writer and long time experienced vocal producer. He was the one that would stay for hours in studio 1 or 3 in QUAD studio NYC’s with me where he was the studio manager and let me sing the fresh written verses and hooks over and over again until the “TH” would finally sound like one or the “W” wouldn’t sound like a “V” anymore 🙂 I can’t count the songs we wrote together since back then, but I will always remember the great sessions we had in NY Harlem, in QUAD at Time Square, in Switzerland in the studio or on a mountain top or in LA. I learned so much about what you can do with your voice in the booth from him, when he would track me. The difference of how a vocal sounds at the beginning of a recording session and at the end of it. Letting him editing the recordings after and hearing the end product was a life changer too.

 -I wanna say one thing – I would never be the artist that I am today without my close friend and business partner J. –

Sharing a long beautiful history together that started when I was signed to the major label Sony Music Switzerland, he introduced me to the US music business and helped me develop my role in the American market. I met the Page Brother through him and through them I met Synematik. Now we have the greatest team together and created amazing music that we would love to share with YOU!!!!!


By boerni.h

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