Börni – How to do the Ö on US Keyboard

How to do the Ö on US-Keyboards?

Yes its so worth it to do a whole post about this. No one wants to be called BORNI! Lol! It’s fine if you read it like this until today. But now you know better :-)) Go brag! Be a smartass !

First of all, about the Ö-Sound: In English we would possibly write Börni like Berny. But ey, Börni’s whole message is, be you, be authentic, be unique. So lets have a look on how to write the Ö on the US-Keyboard, so she can keep her real name 🙂 :

Ö on US Keyboard:

Hold ALT+U at once – then add O

Got it? Let’s GÖ!


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